March 2023 FAQ: Silicon Photonics Fiber Connect

Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions:


Q:  Who makes the System that you use?
A:  HexNano Alignment System from Physik Instrumente L.P. (PI)
Q:  What are some of the Key attributes of the system?
A:  There are many but some of the key ones are as follows:
  • Integrated scan routines for fiber optic alignment
  • Ideal for applications in silicon photonics
  • Extensive software package
  • Direct detection of the optical signal
  • Position sensors for high accuracy and operational reliability
  • Automatic alignment of several fibers in <0.2s
Q:  Is the package a consideration for the PI system
A:  Yes – as is the type of fiber being connected.
Q:  What are some of the other key considerations?
A:  Fixturing and preparation are key along with the following:
  • Contact or Air Gap
  • Air Gap encapsulation?
  • Refractive index of Epoxy
  • Requires multiple fiber? Need tolerance of Fiber Array
  • Need maximum temperature


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