April 2023 FAQ: Automated Die Picking

Automated Die Picking

Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions:


Q:  What is Integra’s preferred e-map format?
A: SINF (simplified INF) All other formats require evaluation and/or conversion.
Q:  What is the minimum and maximum wafer size?
A: We handle all wafer sizes
Q:  What is the minimum die size?
A: All die < 20 mils or thinner than 4 mils require engineering evaluation. **Gel Paks are recommended for die smaller than 20 mils.
Q:  What is the maximum die size for automated handlers?
A: In most cases 25mm^2 is the largest


Q:  What is Integra’s typical output formats?
A: Waffle Pack, Gel Pak, Film Frame, Tape & Reel
Q:  Does Integra have special processing for sensitive surfaces of Die?
A: Bumped die can be plated as long as no bumps are present in the center of the die. Die with bumps in the center require custom pick collets that must be designed and ordered. **Non-contact surfaces may require custom pick collets**
Q:  What are your standard input options?
A:  Film Frame (wafers must be on a film frame)
Have questions? Let us know: sales_inquiry@integra-tech.com