July 2023 FAQ: Eutectic Bonding


SST-5100Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions:

Q: What does Integra use for Eutectic bonding?

A: SST 5100 Vacuum Reflow System

Q: What are the key features to the SST 5100?

A: High Vacuum MEMs Packaging, Hermetic Package, Sealing, Solder Paste Reflow Attach, Fluxless Eutectic Solder Attach

Q: Is there tooling involved?

A: Usually significant tooling based on die and package sizes

Q: Can the SST 5100 process be customized based on the die?

A: Yes, the system is programmable vacuum/pressure furnace for the creation of void-free solder joints without the use flux.

Q: Can the SST 5100 be used at different temperatures?

A: Yes, the system allows for heating up to 500°C and cooling in an inert gas environment from vacuum levels below 50 millitorrs to pressures up to 40 psig.


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