JUNE 2024

RF Testing

wafer-probeSemiconductor RF testing is a critical process in the development and manufacturing of RF components and systems. It ensures that these components perform reliably at their designated frequencies and meet the necessary specifications. 

Here are some of our latest questions regarding the testing processes:
Q:  What is Integra's experience in testing RF devices?
  • For 25+ years Integra has been testing RF Microcircuits and Discrete devices. We support:
    • RF Filters
    • RF Switches
    • RF Transceivers
    • Serial Devices and I/O components (10 GHz)
    • VCOs, Amplifiers, Modulators, Demodulators, Log detectors, Dividers, Combiners, Couplers, etc.
    • Various GaN and GaS devices
Q:  What are Integra's RF capabilities? 
  • Wafer Probe up to 67 Ghz on 32 port devices
  • Membrane and Manual RF probes
  • Semi-auto and Auto probers up to 300mm wafer, -40°C to +150°C
  • Running production volume for several customers
  • Can do singulated die and devices in panel format
  • Package test to same frequencies
  • Keysight PNA/PNA-X instruments run by Python, NI Test Stand, or Labview
  • Onsight RF Engineer with 35 years of experience
  • Measure S-Parameters, Gain, Compression, Noise Figure, IMD, and other RF measurements as requested
  • Can perform digital, analog and power testing with the RF tests as needed
Q:  What are Integra's RF support capabilities? 
  • Extensive Experience with Membrane Probes
  • Multiple Projects successfully delivered with Maximum Frequency at 50+Ghz.
  • Accurate and repeatable touchdowns / Minimal pad damage
  • Low contact resistance and trace inductances in nH fractions
  • Optimal matching and decoupling components next to DUT
  • Use of localized mini-clean room during probing and maintenance process
Q:  What Test parameters does Integra support?
  • S Parameters
    • All RF Testers used by Integra are capable of performing S parameter measurements.
    • Vector Calibration is essential in getting good data.
    • Tester allows Vector Calibration thru the Network Analyzer.
    • Specialized Calibration Coupons designed to provide open/short/load/thru calibration at the DUT when using membrane probe.
  • Gain and P1dB
    • Measured on all RF testers
    • Additional accuracy via added amplifiers and attenuators circuits on load boards.
    • Mitigation of issues associated with impedance mismatches between DUT and Tester.
  • Phase Noise and Noise Figure Measurements
    • Both of these measurements can be accomplished on all Integra RF testers.
    • Measurements for both Phase Noise and Noise Figure are performed in a production environment
  • IP3
    • All RF Testers used at Integra are capable with multiple sources..
    • No limitations or issues have been found when performing the measurement.
  • Other Tests
    • Adjacent Channel Power (ACPR) can be performed by all the RF testers used at Integra.
    • VTune, Frequency Range
    • High frequency production testing to 50GHz
    • Jitter
    • Propagation Delay
    • Other specialized measurements based on measuring and capturing narrow pulse widths.

Have more questions? Let us know: sales_inquiry@integra-tech.com