June 2023 FAQ: Integra Technologies' Test and Qualification Capabilities


Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions:

Q:  Do you have DLA Lab Suitability for various Electrical Test and Qualification tests?

A:  Yes! Please review our Lab Suitability registration here

Q:  What products can you perform Test and Qualification on?
A:  We perform Test and Qualification on almost all EEE devices including Microcircuits, Discrete Semiconductors, Passives, Connectors, Magnetics, Filters among others. We perform Test and Qualification per  various  standards including MIL-PRF 38535/ MIL-STD 883 / MIL-STD 19500/ MIL-STD 750 /MIL-STD 202 / PEM INST-001 / EEE INST-002 / MIL-PRF-55342 (Resistors) / MIL-PRF-28861 (Filters) / MIL-STD 1344 (Connectors) / MIL-O-55310 (Crystals) / MIL-C-55361 (Inductors) / MIL-T-27 (Transformers/Inductors) / MIL-R-39016 (Relays) / AEC -Automotive.

Q:  What technologies do you support for Test and Qualifications?
A:  We support all types of technologies such as RF (Ex: SiGe, GAS, GAN), Digital, Mixed Signals, CMOS, Bi-CMOS, ECL).

We support all types of products including FPGAs, Microprocessors, DSP, Microcontroller, Graphic Processors, Communications ICs (Ethernet, DSL, Base Band, Networking), Consumer (games, digital audio, digital TV, set top box); System-On-a-Chip (SOC), High Performance ASIC, DAC, ADC, Op Amps, Comparators, Switches, Multiplexers, Interface, Discrete, Arrays, all kind of Memory devices including SDRAM, DDR3 and DDR4, SRAM, SSRAM and NAND Flash.

We have performed the most PEM and Copper bond wire quals than any other independent test lab.

Q:  Where do you perform Test and Qualification?
A:  We have extensive Test and Qualification capabilities at our Kansas and Milpitas facilities. At our Kansas facility; we have the largest Test Engineering group in our test services domain industry with 26 test development engineers & 55+ total technical staff including product engineers. The DPA and failure analysis portion of the Qual are performed at our Wichita facility.

We have developed over 20,000 test programs during our 40 years in test services business. 

Q:  What are typical Test and Qualification equipment do you use?
A:  We use Automated Test Equipment (ATE) for functional testing. Integra has 35+ different ATEs that allow us to test various different part types.

For Qualification; we have multiple life test ovens, HAST, THB, Temp Cycle, Pre-Conditioning, Thermal Shock, Leak Testing, Burn-In, SEM, SAM, Real Time X-ray and Life Test.

Have more questions? Let us know: sales_inquiry@integra-tech.com