March 2022 FAQ: Testing Complex Microcircuits

Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions:


What is Integra's experience in testing complex microcircuits?

  • Integra has been testing complex microprocessors, microcontrollers, FPGAs, SerDes, Memorys and ASICs for 37+ years.

What is Integra's experience in memory devices?

  • Integra has the capability to test the following Memory devices:
    • NAND Flash up to 4 Terabit, working on a 8TB
    • DD4: We have several active projects. We are testing 3600Mb but our testers can do higher
    • NOR Flash - we have the capability to do the highest density available
    • SRAM - we test under 10 nsec; 16M or higher density
    • MRAMs

What is Integra's experience in testing FPGAs?

  • Our dedicated FPDA test engineers have developed over 300 test programs for FPGAs from:
    • AMD (Xilinx)
    • Intel (Altera)
    • Microchip (Microsemi)
  • We have design software and testing methodologies in place for all FPGA families
  • We have developed our own independent proprietary test methods
  • We use in-house tools and any other development tools available from the manufacturer
  • We create the test vectors and configuration vectors for our testers
  • We do functional at-speed testing (using design modeling, not datasheet)
  • We test to datasheet AC specs considering internal FPGA performance characteristics. Test plan implementation includes comprehensive DC parameters.

What capabilities does Integra have in terms of advanced automated testers?

  • Our most advanced SmartScale testers have the following capabilities to test:

  • DDR4 up to 2133Mbps and beyond / DDR4 up to 3600Mbps

  • Future DDR5 to 3600Mbps

  • High speed Serial Memories >1Gbps

  • Mobile DDRx support to 3600Mbps

  • HS LVDS Drive & receiver Buffers >1Gps

  • Differential signals with precision eye placement

  • 32 lane/multi-port PCI Express switch solutions

  • RF 12-bit ADC with 2.6 GSPS+ conversion rate

  • RF 14-bit DAC with 2.5GSPS+ conversion rate

  • ADCs with 10-bit accuracy at 105MSPS low offset and low power <120mW

  • ADCs with 12-bit 2.6GSPS 1.3/2.5V A

  • DACs with 14-bit 2.5GSPS RF DAC

  • 32-lane 8-port PCle Switch with 32Gbps switching capacity

  • Precision Rail-to-Rail low Bbas(1pA) OP AMP with low offset voltage

  • Quadruple capacity available when multi-site testing employed with handler or hand test (4-site in parallel)

  • High speed SERDES to 8Gbps

  • DS25BR100/101 3.125Gbps LVDS Buffer w/transmit pre-emphasis and receive equalization

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