APRIL 2024

Testing 2.5D Heterogeneous Packaged Parts 

hiTesting 2.5D heterogeneous packaged parts is a crucial step in the manufacturing process to deliver high-performance, reliable, and cutting-edge semiconductor solutions for various applications, including data centers, high-performance computing, telecommunications, and automotive electronics.

Q:  Does Integra test 2.5D HI packages?
A:  Yes! Integra has the capability to test 2.5D HI packages


Q:  What are the main challenges associated with 2.5D HI Testing?

  • Cost to test is an issue
  • Different manufacturers of die/packages with chiplets makes obtaining optimal test mode information very difficult – cost to test is exponentially higher
  • Conventional test equipment does not support full functional testing at HI level
  • Parallelism is impossible with current technologies
  • Number of I/Os make it very difficult to do comprehensive functional testing
  • Power, current, thermal, signal integrity management is a big task
  • Inadequate post - integration testing does not allow for comprehensive Reliability Testing
  • KGD is not an answer for an integrated package – mostly addresses pre-integration testing
  • Having a comprehensive EDA tool support is important

Q:  What are the benefits of HI testing?

  • Ensures the reliability and durability of advanced semiconductor packages.
  • Identifies potential defects or issues before deployment, reducing the risk of failures in the field.
  • Guarantees that the package meet performance specifications and industry standards.
  • Improves the overall quality and longevity of electronic devices incorporating these packages.

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