October 2023 FAQ: QFNs


QFN-smallFor Integra, QFNs are the most used and highest volume package. We carry many off-the-shelf leadframes that meet JEDEC standards.

Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions:


Q: Does Integra make QFNs?

A: Yes, Integra packages QFNs for customers.

Q: Does Integra do both Open Cavity and regular QFNs?

A: Yes, Integra is capable of providing packaging for Open Cavity and regular overmolded QFNs.

Q: What sizes of QFN lead frames does Integra keep on hand?

A: We keep numerous lead frames on hand and add/change them regularly - download our latest 'Guide for Assembly Services' to see the full list.

Q: What thicknesses are manufactured?

A: Integra offers standard thicknesses of 0.8mm and 1.0mm. We also offer some thicker custom options.

Q: Can we have a custom lead frome manufactured for our part?

A: Yes! usually there is a small NRE involved.

Have more questions? Let us know: sales_inquiry@integra-tech.com