FAQ: How to Get an Assembly or Die Prep Quote from Integra


Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions:

Q:  What forms are needed to get an Assembly or Die Prep quote at Integra?

A:  At a minimum we will need our quote form filled out for the appropriate package or die prep service you are requesting.

Q:  Besides the form, what other sets of information are helpful to receive a quote?

A: Depending on the service being requested, the following are helpful

  • Die drawing
  • Reticle drawing
  • Wire Bond diagram (if applicable)
  • Substrate drawing (if customer provided)
  • Package Outline Drawing P.O.D. (if applicable)
  • Marking diagram (if applicable)

Q:  If Integra is providing the substrate – can Integra provide the POD?

A: Yes – if we’re providing the substrate – we can provide a drawing (sometimes for a small charge)

Q:  On the Assembly and Die Prep forms, what are Integra defaults?

A: In most cases the defaults used by the facility are the first choice (for example, on QFNs 84-1LMI is our standard conductive epoxy)

Q:  When is extra lead-time required?

A: Sometimes extra lead-time is required when out of the ordinary items are selected (such as an epoxy that is not a default and is not in stock, custom substrates, etc.

Q:  Can I request an expedite on the quote and lead-time?

A: Yes – we can usually accommodate shorter lead-times when planned for in advance.