November 2022 FAQ: Prototypes


For quick-turn prototyping, Integra is unsurpassed in producing highly complex products such as Flip Chip or wirebonded BGA or chip-scale devices with thousands of bumps or wire bonds. For new product development, where time-to-market is of utmost importance, especially in highly competitive markets, Integra customers will request quick-turns as fast as 8 to 24 hours

Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions:

Q:  What is your minimum quantity?

A:  We have no minimum quantity – just minimum charges based on type of Prototype

Q:  How fast can I turn a prototype at Integra?

A:  A few hours to a few days – dependent on end product and requested service(s)

Q:  Can I get a wafer diced in less than 24 hours?

A:  Yes – in most cases

Q:  What are the most popular inexpensive packages for low pin count die?

A:  We find that our customers use our QFNs extensively for pin counts near or less than 100

Q:  For larger pin count prototypes, what are popular packages

A:  We find customers utilize ceramic packages for higher pin counts which can be very cost competitive for low volumes.

Q:  What are the typical issues that you see with prototype requests

A:  We typically see issues with wire bonds that are unrealistically long or crossed and mis-understandings of what should be executed as a flip chip and what can be done as a flip chip.

Q:  What are the documentation needs for a prototype run at Integra?

A:  A filled out CTC form, drawings of the die and the substrate/package, wire bond diagrams if applicable.