May 2023 FAQ: Dice Before Grind (DBG)

Dice Before Grind (DBG)

Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions:

dice-before-grind 1Q:  Why would I consider Dice before Grind (DBG) rather than traditional dicing & backgrinding?
A: Dice before Grind can yield die with fewer chips and cleaner edges
Q:  What is the maximum final thickness of a DBG Die?
A: 400um
Q:  What is the minimum final thickness of a DBG Die?
A: In most cases 100um (some exceptions may be made with engineering involvement)
Q:  What is the minimum die size for DBG?
A: In most cases 600um^2 is the smallest.
Q:  What materials are compatible with DBG?
A: Silicon (Si) and Silicon Germanium (SiGe) are the most compatible materials. Engineering review is required for other materials
Q:  What Wafer sizes are able to have the DBG process?
A: 3”, 100mm (4”), 150um (6”), 200mm (8”) and 300mm (12”)
Q:  Can I request an expedite on the Quote and lead-time?
A:  Yes – we can usually accommodate shorter lead-times when planned for in advance.