Integra provides a complete portfolio of services to support Military/Space/Aerospace companies threatened with diminishing sources of supply for semiconductor and related EEE parts. We specialize in Obsolescence Management Solutions including:

  • Procure Parts, Value-add Testing, Kitting & Inventory Management
  • Sourcing of Hard-to-Find Parts
  • Form Fit Function Replacement
  • Die Procurement & Assembly
  • Die Extraction & Reassembly
  • EOL Management & Lifetime Buys
  • Manage Customer-Owned Inventory
  • Process Change/Discontinuation Notice Management
  • Integra Branded Parts
  • Die Banking
  • Reverse Engineer Device
  • Custom ASIC & FPGA Device Emulation
  • Aftermarket Procurement Services
  • Comprehensive Counterfeit Detection Services


Material selection is critical to product quality and functionality and managing the electronic components in your System-in-Package and MCM is more crucial than ever as obsolescence, counterfeit products and environmental non-compliance risks continue to grow.

The task of identifying the sources of various component vendors to create the optimum Bill of Materials can be a time consuming and tedious process.

Integra’s staff can assist you in the selection, sourcing and purchasing of the Bill of Materials for your SiP and MCM projects that will help you optimize your design for the most cost-effective and efficient product.




Introducing new products in new packages is a complex, demanding activity. For many years, Integra has managed complex projects ranging from new package introductions to technology transfers into large volume offshore factories.

Package Selection -

Integra's engineers are available to advise you on the ideal IC package for your IC, circuit function, and product application.

Substrate Design -

Integra maintains relationships with a number of design experts and leading substrate suppliers around the world to better serve you.


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