October 2022 FAQ: Qualification


Integra Technologies is an industry leader in providing qualification, design verification and reliability testing services to semiconductor manufacturers and military/space/aerospace and automotive OEMs. Integra offers a full range of qualification services as well as the technical guidance to define a qualification plan that meets your requirements.

Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions:

Q:  Do you have DLA Lab Suitability?

A: Yes; we do. Please go to our website and under Quality section; you will see our Lab Suitability.

Q:  What products can you perform Qualification on?

A: We perform Qualification on almost all EEE devices including Microcircuits, Discrete Semiconductors, Passives, Connectors, Magnetics, Filters among others

Q:  What technologies do you support for Qualifications?

A: We support all process technologies such as RF (Ex: SiGe, GAS, GAN), Digital, Analog, Mixed Signals, CMOS, Bi-CMOS, ECL).

A2: We support various products including Microprocessors, DSP, Microcontroller, Graphic Processors, Communications ICs (Ethernet, DSL, Base Band, Networking) , Consumer (Games, Digital Audio, Digital TV, Set Top Box); System-On-a-Chip (SOC), High Performance ASIC, DAC, ADC, Op Amps, Comparators, Switches, Multiplexers, Interface, Discrete, Arrays, a variety of Memory devices including SDRAM, DDR3 and DDR4, SRAM, SSRAM and NAND Flash

Q:  Where do you perform Qualification?

A: We have extensive Qualification capabilities at our Kansas and Milpitas facilities.

A2: All the DPA and failure analysis portion of the Qual is performed at our Wichita facility

Q:  What Qualification equipment you use?

A:  We use Automated Test Equipment for functional testing along with life test ovens, HAST, THB, Temp Cycle, Pre-Conditioning, Thermal Shock, Leak Testing, Burn-In, SEM, SAM, Real Time X-ray and Life Test


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