Obsolete Parts Management with Integra Technologies


Integra’s Parts Management Program (PMP) started in 1991, actively managing multiple Aerospace and Defense companies’ parts procurement program with value added services.

We specialize in Obsolescence Management Solutions including:

  • Obsolescence sustaining team resources
  • Buy product from franchised distributors or device manufacturer direct with value added services (upscreening, qualification, tape/reel, managed solder dipping, dry-pack etc.)
  • Inventory management and kitting
  • Forecast management
  • Form Fit Function replacement
    • In-house package assemblyobsolete-integra
    • Re-design solution
    • Interposer
  • Die procurement and assembly with QML assembly partners
  • Buy EOL product and manage customer owned inventory
    • Short and long term inventory management
  • PCN/EOL – Integra supports this through our PMP program. 
    • We work with franchised distribution and have access to their PCN/EOL surveys.  We manage this information and communicate to customers as required
  • After market procurement of devices with extensive counterfeit mitigation testing
    • Risk based tiered authenticity testing (AS6171, AS6081)
    • Physical failure analysis (layer-by-layer analysis, SEM, SAM, Leak testing)
    • Screening and qualification on a lot-by-lot basis

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