CORWIL Technology Receives Trusted Accreditation

ic assembly October 19, 2016
Milpitas, CA, October 19, 2016 – CORWIL Technology (CORWIL), headquartered in Milpitas, CA, has received Trusted Accreditation by the Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) as a Microelectronics Trusted Source for the Department of Defense (DoD) and all other U.S. Government customers. This Trusted Accreditation award includes Microelectronics Packaging, Back Grinding (Post Processing) and Assembly.

corwil-trusted-accreditationCORWIL has served the DoD, U.S. Government agencies and major prime contractors in providing state-of-the-art microelectronics packaging services with military and aerospace reliability. DMEA serves as a technology partner to military program managers and engineering liaison to all sectors of the defense contractors to provide and support the most effective microelectronics technologies available through the commercial sector.

“The Trusted Partner Accreditation is yet another key milestone in our business strategy to further our commitment in quality services and processes for the military and aerospace sector,” said Matt Bergeron, CORWIL Technology President. “CORWIL is honored to be one of the few companies offering Trusted Microelectronics Packaging, Back Grinding (Post Processing) and Assembly.”

Certificate: Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) Accreditation of Trust