Expanded RF Services from Integra

Whatever your specific RF requirements, Integra can help.

rf-testing-integra-technologiesFor over 35 years, Integra has been an integral part of our customers semiconductor testing. We are a valued partner to defense contractors, telecommunications manufacturers, medical instrumentation companies and more. RF testing is only one aspect of our capabilities — with multiple locations, we can determine the set of processes that’s right for your business and expedite testing to help you get your product to market faster.

RF Testing:

  • Multiple(6) 4 port, 50 GHz PNA systems with various options
  • Trained operator staff for performing hand test or auto-handler  package test

RF Wafer Sort:

  • Multiple(7) Cascade Probe Stations, P12XLn and UF200AL auto probers
  • Experienced operator and support staff in using 
  • Pyramid probe cards, positioners and wedges for performing RF wafer sort.
  • Newly installed clean environment with room for up to 8 wafer sort cells.

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