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Silicon Valley, CA (Feb 9, 2021) - Integra Technologies, a world leader in semiconductor packaging, assembly, test, characterization and related services, today announced the successful implementation of a high accuracy fiber array waveguide attachment system focused on the Silicon Photonics market. This latest set of tools is based on the double-sided HexNano Alignment System from Physik Instrumente L.P. (PI).

“We’ve seen significant growth in Silicon Photonics over the last 10 years", said Jonny Corrao, Integra Technologies’ Silicon Valley General Manager. “With this growth, we have observed numerous inventive approaches and implementations of the technology, but PI’s solution is one of the most effective and practical we’ve encountered for fiber attach and general alignment.”

silicon_photonics2Shortly after the implementation, Integra was able to successfully support numerous customers and products with their fiber attach requirements. Dan Schuette, Silicon Valley Sales Manager of Physik Instrumente said, “We are pleased to have Integra become one of our partners and one of the only places in the United States to support a large number of SiPho requirements.”

Integra Technologies made the investment in this and other silicon photonics equipment to support a market that accounted for $0.8 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $3.77 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 21.4% during the forecast period. Some of the key factors propelling the growth of the market are increasing demand for high-speed broadband services, deployment of 5G technologies in developing nations, and growing demand for CMOS-integrated silicon photonics technology. Photonic devices contain optical systems that use silicon as the optical medium. Since silicon is used as a substrate for most ICs, the manufacturing of hybrid devices, in which electronic as well as optical components are integrated onto a single microchip, becomes more streamlined and standardized. Silicon photonics is increasingly used in the data transfer between microchips, through optical rays. Moreover, they are capable of carrying a large amount of data in a shorter amount of time compared to traditional electrical conductors.


About Integra Technologies

Established in 1983, Integra Technologies, LLC, is a solely U.S.-based and employee owned company with DMEA accredited Category 1A Trusted. Integra is one of the largest, most experienced semiconductor die prep, assembly, test and qualification facilities in the United States with locations in Wichita, KS, Silicon Valley, CA, and Albuquerque, NM. The company’s world-class operations have been satisfying customers for over 35 years by demonstrating industry leading quality and on time delivery performance. Implemented in 2018, the Go-To-Market strategy (GTM) has positioned Integra Technologies as the leading single-source to the Aerospace and Defense, Space, semiconductor and medical customer. For more information, please visit


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Device Test and Package Solutions for Silicon Photonics

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corwil-silicon-photonicsCORWIL Technology’s pursuit of cutting edge technology and prime location in the heart of Silicon Valley has led them to secure programs from leaders in the area of Silicon Photonics. The need to increase bandwidth in all aspects of hardline and wireless communications coupled with an increase in data center speed is driving the communication world away from copper interconnects and towards silicon photonics. This evolving technology uses a combination of fiber optics, optical wave guides and laser frequency light waves, to carry far more data than traditional copper conductors, to support faster data transfer rates between data centers.

Because silicon photonics is a new field, customers are approaching device test and package solutions in different ways. There are many new processes and capabilities that are being put in place and developed to join the various components at the package level, along with work in device test at both the die and package level. Many of the services CORWIL offers are being performed for multiple customers and their silicon photonics based products. CORWIL has been providing Die Prep services including scribe and break, dicing, back grind, inspection as well as Package Assembly and wafer sort and package test services. Some of the unique requirements have pushed CORWIL to develop unique expertise in our service offerings.

In the area of Test, CORWIL is working with multiple customers on methods to test a device via a fiber optic input that can be used in a volume production environment for both package test and wafer sort. To be able to test at the high speeds and data rates these devices are rated for, CORWIL has developed methods to perform the initial RF VNA calibrations down through the wafer probes, using industry standard automated wafer probers vs. the semi-automated probe stations that are more often used.

For Device Reliability, CORWIL has worked with several silicon phontonics customers to come up with innovative methods to stress the actual device/die while inputting a controlled light source. Given the harsh environments of HAST and HTOL these requirements continue to push CORWIL’s engineering staff to continue to innovate.

“As this is a new competitive field, CORWIL leverages the knowledge gained becoming a Trusted facility to offer customers anonymity, secrecy and security to protect any proprietary customer IP that is consigned to CORWIL,” said Joe Foerstel, VP of Test for CORWIL Technology.

CORWIL Technology looks forward to continuing its partnership in the communications industry and becoming a vital source in providing test services to ensure the effective implementation of silicon photonics and its progressive technology.