Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap Symposium 2/21-2/22

hetrogeneous February 25, 2019

HIR-conf-2019-1There was a great turn out at this year's Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap Symposium in Milpitas, CA last week. We would like to thank all who attended!

HIR-conf-2019-2As a high-performance IC packaging provider, Integra Technologies can design, assemble and test custom System-in-Package (SiP) devices. By combining the functionality of a complete system into one packaged device, a SiP solution offers reductions in size, weight and power that are critical to next-generation performance in Aerospace, Industrial and Medical applications. In addition, a SiP solution reduces interconnect and trace lengths, minimizing the impact of parasitic and improving overall electrical performance.

Integra Technologies' capabilities in manufacturing multi-chip devices, surface mount assemblies, and flip chip and wire bond interconnects, enable the development of complete system-in-package solutions to improve performance and reduce footprint.