Integra Technologies Adds FC150 Automated Die / Flip Chip Bonder

flip chip October 11, 2023


With Heterogeneous Integration and finer flip chip pitches becoming a reality, Integra Technologies recently added a FC150 Automated Die/Flip Chip Bonder to its line up at their Milpitas, CA location. The FC150 accommodates a wide variety of materials, including extremely fragile materials such as GaAs and HgCdTe allowing easily changed bond processes. The wide range off applications- including Chip-to-Chip, Chip-to-Substrate Bonding, Chip Stacking, 3D Interconnect, Optical Components and Photonics Device Packaging, MOEMS, MEMS, MCM,  and Nanoimprint Lithography made the FC150 Die/Flip Chip Bonder the right choice the Integra and their customers.
With flip chip pitch capabilities down to 8µm the FC150 will enhance our capabilities for Heterogeneous Integration and Chiplet Assembly.
  • ± 1 µm post-bond accuracy and 20 µradian leveling guarantee high yields on the most advanced products
  • Semi-Open Confinement Chamber for Oxide Reduction (option)
  • Air bearing construction on a granite structure ensures long-term stability and reliability
  • Compression, Z-control and temperature profiling, together with process monitoring, maximize process control
  • Optical automatic leveling and alignment enables hands-off operation for production applications
  • Nanoimprint Lithography option with Hot Embossing or UV-NIL process without compromising the bonding capability



About Integra Technologies

Integra Technologies is the largest U.S. OSAT company providing semiconductor back-end services to companies worldwide. For 40 years, Integra has provided packaging, assembly, and test services to more than 500 customers with complex requirements, such as aerospace, medical, and defense. The employee-owned company’s headquarters is in Wichita, with operations in Wichita and Silicon Valley.