Integra Technologies offers turnkey IC Packaging services for custom, high-performance and high-reliability microelectronics. This includes a full range of design, lean manufacturing and test services for a variety of applications. Our turnkey services are bolstered by our experience in a variety of IC package material technologies, die attach methodologies (solder, epoxy and eutectic), hermetic devices, and IC package including, but not limited to Ball Grid Array (BGA), QFN, DFN, Chip Scale Package (CSP), and Ceramic leadless Chip Carrier (CLCC).

We help customers introduce their new products to market in the fastest time possible by providing high quality, quick-turn assembly. We support high volume production from our facility in Milpitas, CA or technology transfers into large volume offshore factories.

IC package engineering & assembly services include:

  • Die attach
  • Ultra-fine pitch Wire bond (Al & Au)
  • Flip Chip
  • Encapsulation and transfer mold
  • Substrate solder ball attach
  • Device Singulation