integra-packagesIntegra Technologies partners with customers to provide them with the highest-quality IC assembly services to achieve their goals. We help companies introduce their new products to market in the fastest time possible by providing high quality, quick-turn assembly. Integra assembles ICs in prototype and production volumes to help you qualify your designs and provide quality samples to your customers.

Integra understands that time is of the essence in this fast-paced technology. We use state-of-the-art machines in our facility to support and turn many different types of IC assemblies in as quickly as 4 hours. Our flexibility in meeting customer requirements and our superior customer service separate us from all other assembly subcontractors worldwide.

Package Assembly Chart (pdf)

Standard IC Packages Available:

Hermetic & Ceramic - From wafer to finished product, Integra can deliver in as quickly as 4 hours! Integra assembles all types of hermetic and ceramic packages including:

  • PGAs (pin-up or pin-down configurations-with and without heat sinks)
  • Sidebraze
  • Cerquad
  • Quad Flat-Pack
  • Cerdip, Cerpak
  • Flat-Pack
  • Ceramic SOIC
  • LCC
  • JLCC (PLCC equivalent)
  • Metal Cans
  • Headers 

Plastic - Integra can assemble devices into Open Cavity plastic packages in prototype quantities in as quickly as 8 hours from receipt of the packages! Plastic Open Cavity package equivalents are available for:

  • MSOP
  • SOIC
  • PQFP
  • And other package configurations

BGA - Ball Grid Array Assembly capabilities include:

  • Ultra-fine pitch bonding
  • All Ball Configurations, Wire Counts, and Body Sizes
  • Customer or Integra-supplied substrates
  • Sealing Method: dam and fill, transfer mold, open cavity, or Integra's proprietary temporary sealing method for easy access to die
  • Substrate design and fabrication

QFN & DFN - Integra can assemble your IC die into a wide range of QFN and DFN options:

  • Leadframes ranging from 3x3mm to 12x12mm body sizes
  • Pin counts from 8 to 88 leads
  • Custom leadframe design and fabrication in as little as 3 weeks