Integra Technologies has been accredited by The Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) as a DoD Category 1A Trusted Integrated Circuit Supplier for Test & Broker Services. As a Trusted test supplier, Integra offers semiconductor test software development, testing, qualification, characterization and other related technical services. Integra’s electrical test services encompass both final test and probe. Integra has one of the largest and most experienced test engineering organizations in the industry and has earned an outstanding reputation for quality, consistency, and on-time delivery. Integra’s engineering staff of 25+ experienced engineers and installed base of 35+ test systems is capable of handing all device technologies including RF, Digital, Analog, Linear and Mixed Signal. 

Complete Test Solution 

  • Design & FAB Load Boards 
  • Design & FAB Probe Cards 
  • Design & FAB Burn-in Boards 
  • Design & FAB HAST Boards 
  • Design & FAB ESD Test Fixtures 
  • Develop & Execute Characterization Plan 
  • Develop & Execute Qualification Plan 
  • Pre-Production Wafer Probe 
  • Pre-Production Package Test 
  • Production Wafer Probe 
  • Production Package Test 
  • MPS Management Systems 
  • Inventory Management