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Celebrating over 30 years of providing high quality semiconductor test services.

Software Development Qualification ESD & Latch-Up Test Wafer Probe Production Test Turnkey Service Counterfeit Detection

  • Test facilities in Kansas and

  • 24 hr / day X 7 / day week operation

  • 25+ year history as a test facility

  • 20+ on site test engineers with 200+
     years experience

  • Expertise in all device technologies
          – RF, Digital, Memory, Mixed
             Signal, Linear

  • ISO9001, AS9100, DLA Land & Maritime
    certified and DMEA Trusted

  • Industry leading on-time delivery
  • Customer satisfaction rating of 97%

  • ITAR registered

  • Extensive test program library

  • Automated handling solutions for
    all pkg types

  • Approved Supplier for NASA GSFC

semiconductor testing







        Fabless Semiconductor


        Wafer Foundries

      • Test Software Development
          – RF, Digital, Memory, Mixed Signal
          – Hardware development
          – Program conversions
          – Characterization

      • Electrical Testing (-55°C to 125°C)

      • Wafer Probe
          – Bumped wafers
          – Veritical, Membrane, Cantilever

      • Qualification Testing
          – HTOL & LTOL
          – HAST & THB
          – Temp Cycle
          – IR Preconditioning

      • Parts Procurement

      • Assembly

      • ESD & Latch Up Testing
          – HBM, MM, CDM
          – Transient latch up

      • COTS Upscreening

      • Counterfeit Detection
          – Functional electrical test
          – Internal visual
          – Inspection
          – Mark permanency

      • Other Processing
          – Tape & Reel
          – Lead scan
          – Bake & dry pack
          – FG storage & drop ship

Integra Technologies Selected by the Department of Defense Missile Defense Agency to Combat Counterfeit Electronics


Integra Technologies Selected by the Department of Defense Missile Defense Agency to Combat Counterfeit Electronics WICHITA, KS - Oct 21, 2014 - Integra Technologies LLC, a world leader in integrated circuit test and related services, announced today that is has been awarded a contract by the Department of Defense, Missile Defense Agency (MDA) to assist with developing advanced screening techniques for eliminating counterfeit integrated circuits from the DOD supply chain. The contract will specifically target Field Programmable Gate Arrays, which are widely used throughout the MDA and are at the heart of many of the MDA’s most sophisticated electronic systems. "Counterfeit electronics of all kinds continue to be an industry-wide problem and the DOD is working on many programs to eliminate them from our supply chain,” according to Barry Birdsong, Division Chief, Parts and Materials Engineering, Missile Defense Agency.

“This specific project targets elimination of counterfeit Field Programmable Gate Arrays, which are essential to many of our most critical electronic systems. The MDA is excited to be working with Integra Technologies, whose substantial existing technical expertise with FPGAs will assist us with developing new and effective screening techniques.”

“Integra Technologies has over 30 years of experience in developing sophisticated and comprehensive test solutions for our customers,” noted Becky Craft, President of Integra Technologies. "In addition to our large and experienced test engineering group, we also have an existing library of test solutions for many of the FPGAs that the MDA is interested in. This allows us to begin addressing some of the MDA’s most critical devices almost immediately. We are looking forward to teaming with the MDA to help eliminate counterfeit FPGAs from the MDA supply chain."



On October 1, 2013, Integra Technologies, a world leader in integrated circuit test and related services, announced today that it has acquired Analytical Solutions Incorporated (ASI). Analytical Solutions provides product evaluation services through Destructive Physical Analysis, Construction Analysis, Failure Analysis, Non-Destructive Testing and Counterfeit Device Investigation of semiconductor devices. These services will complement the extensive electrical test and related services already provided by Integra. The combination of the two companies will provide a single point of contact for an extremely broad array of semiconductor test and evaluation services supporting the Military, Avionics, Space, Medical, Automotive and Fabless Semiconductor markets. The Trusted Security Analysis portion of the ASI business portfolio, which features the Pix2Net Software, is not included in the purchase and will be added to the newly formed company, MicroNet Solutions Inc, service offerings.

“We are very excited about the combination of Integra and Analytical Solutions,” said Becky Craft, President of Integra Technologies. “The Analytical Solutions portfolio of services compliments Integra’s business and provides our mutual customers with one of the largest semiconductor test and analysis service offerings in the industry.” Ms. Craft added further, “Integra has been an employee owned company since 2008 and we are pleased to welcome our new employee owners from Analytical Solutions.”

Michael Strizich, former President of Analytical Solutions, commented that, “Integra and Analytical are both leaders in their market segments. Combining the companies will give our customers an even stronger company to partner with as they continue to innovate with ever-greater levels of semiconductor technology.”

ASI Services   For a list of ASI services, click here


Integra Technologies provides semiconductor testing, qualification, and related technical services to manufacturers and users of semiconductor devices.  In business for more than 30 years, Integra has served many industries with their test services.


Integra offers these services from its location in Wichita, Kansas and has earned an outstanding reputation for quality, consistent performance, technical expertise and on-time delivery.


Integra has one of the largest and most experienced test engineering organizations in the industry. We have the engineering expertise in house to support all technologies, including RF, digital, linear, mixed signal and memory.


Integra specializes in software development, hardware design and development, electrical test, qualification testing, ESD and latch up testing.  Integra’s electrical test expertise encompasses both final test and probe, including bumped wafer probe. 


See a complete listing of Integra’s service offerings.




      • Service Data Sheets

      • Integra Technologies Corporate Overview

      • Integra's Accelerated Test Development Process

      • Integra Trusted Screening and Qual Test Lab Information Sheet

      • Integra Trusted Engineering and Test Lab Data Sheet

      • Choosing a Test Lab For Your Test Project

      • AS 9100 /ISO 9001 Certification Wichita, KS

      • DLA Land & Maritime MIL-PRF-38535 / MIL-STD-883 Suitability Certification

      • ITAR Registration

      • DMEA Trusted Facility Accreditation

      • MIL-STD 750 883 test Methods




Integra is always on the look out for top talent, check out our Career Page.




  •October 21, 2014: "Integra Technologies Selected by the Department of Defense Missile Defense Agency to Combat Counterfeit Electronics"

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