Integra has tested RF devices up to 36GHz

Using Customer Designed Inter-Continental fixtures capable of testing up to 50GHz. These custom fixtures provide a means of de-embedding all losses to the DUT

Integra has used Cascade Membrane Probes for Multiple Applications

Technologies supported

RF Filters

RF Switches

RF Transceivers

VCOs, Amplifiers, Modulators, Demodulators, Dividers, Combiners, Couplers etc.

Integra has wafer probed RF and high speed analog die

Using Membrane wafer probes that are capable of testing to 80GHz

RF die testing has included transceivers for military communication systems requiring full parametric testing for a flip chip application

High speed analog tests involving RF to digital output of I and Q vectors

Integra can do RF burn-in at full RF power

Full power and temperature at bench level

Device-by-device temperature control

Oscillation prevention hardware design

Product Types Tested

–ADC, ASIC Transceiver, DDS, Clock Generator with Fanout Buffers, T/R Switch, RF Isolator, Direct Digital Synthesizer, Quadrature Modulator, Logarithmic Amplifier, Dual Differential Mu, RF Amplifier, Frequency Divider, ASIC, Receiver, Direct Conversion Tuner, Mixer, Voltage Variable Attenuator, Frequency Synthesizer, SPDT Switch, RF Amplifier, Differential 1:4 LVPECL Fanout buffer, ASIC VCO, WiFi Transceiver, Clock Driver, LVPECL Fanout Buffer, RF Mixer, 1:16 Deserializer, 1.5W RF Amplifier, SPDT Switch SMT

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