Prototypes & Pre-Production

For quick-turn prototyping, Integra is unsurpassed in producing highly complex products such as Flip Chip or wirebonded BGA or chip-scale devices with thousands of bumps or wire bonds. For new product development, where time-to-market is of utmost importance, especially in highly competitive markets, Integra customers will request quick-turns as fast as 8 to 24 hours. This leads to faster introduction of customers' products into the market resulting in greater market share and increased profitability for our customers. Integra is the sole source provider of prototyping services in Flip Chip and wire bonded BGA's for many fabless companies as well as full IDMs (Integrated Device Manufacturers with wafer fabs) and OEM's with application specific devices. Integra also is the designated provider for pre-production quantities, overflow production, and for end-of-quarter or end-of-year production surges for many customers.

Quick Turn Production

  • 4-8 hours to less than 5 days
  • Pre arranged slots available
  • Small quantities to complex jobs in higher volumes
  • Examples:
    • Backgrind and Dice 1 wafer 4 hours
    • 12 wafers – dice, grind, inspect, assemble 400 complex Microfluidic assemblies – 2 days
    • 2 wafers – dice, grind, inspect, assemble to 500 BGA image sensors assembled – 2 days
    • Assemble 50 die into WLCSP BGA in a 24 hour turn