Plastic-encapsulated-microcircuitIntegra Technologies has more experience with PEM Quals than any other test lab!

Integra provides enhanced PEM (Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuits) evaluation and qualification capabilities for Space, Aerospace and Terrestrial Applications in the Defense, Industrial, Automotive and Commercial markets.

Integra has performed thousands of PEM Quals covering nearly all packages from hundreds of suppliers.

We offer PEM Qual evaluation services including: Screening, Qualification, Package Thermal Management, Construction Analysis, DPA and FA and can evaluate all EEE products including Discretes, Passives, Linears, Memory, FPGA, SERDES, Microcontrollers, A/D, D/A, Inductors, Magnetics & more.

PEM Qualifications Performed per:

  • NASA's PEM-INST-001
  • Marshall Space Flight Center's MSFC-STD-3012
  • Class Y per Mil-PRF-38535
  • Class N per Mil-PRF-38535
  • JEDEC and other Industry standards