integra-obsolescence-managementIntegra provides a complete portfolio of services to support Military/Space/Aerospace companies threatened with diminishing sources of supply for semiconductor and related EEE parts. We specialize in Obsolescence Management Solutions including:

  • Procure Parts, Value-add Testing, Kitting & Inventory Management
  • Sourcing of Hard-to-Find Parts
  • Form Fit Function Replacement
  • Die Procurement & Assembly
  • Die Extraction & Reassembly
  • EOL Management & Lifetime Buys
  • Manage Customer-Owned Inventory
  • Process Change/Discontinuation Notice Management
  • Integra Branded Parts
  • Die Banking
  • Reverse Engineer Device
  • Custom ASIC & FPGA Device Emulation
  • Aftermarket Procurement Services
  • Comprehensive Counterfeit Detection Services