Counterfeit Semiconductors - Verify Semiconductor Manufacturer Authenticity

Integra Technologies now provides a full suite of counterfeit semiconductor detection methods designed to assist you in making a determination regarding IC authenticity. Our services range from simple marking and X-Ray inspection to full AC/DC/Functional testing across the entire operating temperature range. Integra offers quick turn times, competitive prices and superior customer service. Testing can be performed to your company’s counterfeit specifications or to generally accepted industry standards such as SAE A6081, SAE AS5553 and IDEA-STD-1010B.

Key Service Offerings:

  • External Visual Inspection
  • Physical Dimension
  • Marking Permanency
  • X-Ray
  • AC,DC,Full Functional Elect Test
  • -150°C to 200°C Temp Test
  • Internal Visual (De-cap)
  • OEM Date Code Verification
  • XRF Analysis
  • Blacktop Test
  • Burn-in/Qualification
  • Solderability Testing

Counterfeit IC Detection Testing

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