Integra is an industry leader in performing Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuit (PEM) qualifications for Integrated Circuits (ICs) with over 800 lots processed to date (data available upon request). With increased usage of Copper and Silver bond wires in PEMs, a new Laser Ablation decapping technique has been developed that allows for device decapsulation with little or no acid attack.

The Control Laser Decapsulation FALIT (pronounced "F-A-Light") Laser Ablation system allows for a cleaner plastic device decapsulation. This process uses a combination of laser and acid decapsulation. This is the preferred method of decapsulation for Copper and Silver bond wire products.

This faster and more accurate process allows for less damage to the bond wires by:

  • Cleanly removing mold compound using laser technology rather than traditional acid processes
  • Exposing wire bonds without damage to other components

Data is available to compare and contrast the Integra laser ablation/chemical decapsulation with full chemical decapsulation. Our data shows:

  • Laser/Chemical De-encapsulation is repeatable.
  • Laser/chemical process results in tighter distribution.
  • Average and maximum breaking force was similar for both acid only and laser ablation/chemical but minimum breaking force was higher when laser/chemical process was used.
  • Bond pull strengths above the 2X limit of gold bond wires.
  • Cleaner opening with less damage to bond pads, lead frames and overall wire bonds.