Interconnect plays an important role in determining the speed and reliability of your product. At Integra, we offer a variety of processes for Aluminum and Gold wire bonding including ultra-fine pitch bonding and the latest in flip chip technology.

  • Flip Chip product capabilities include:
    • Flip Chip in package (FCIP) such as FCBGA and Flip Chip on board (FCOB)
    • Organic laminates or ceramic substrates
    • Single or multiple Flip Chip and wire-bonded IC's in hybrids or multi-chip modules
    • Bonding of solder bumped dice to substrates with an accuracy as tight as 5 microns
    • Solder joints are reflowed in nitrogen under tight temperature control and reflow profiles are available for eutectic and also for lead-free solder
    • Gold stud bumping
    • Studded die can be thermosonically joined to customer substrates, or soldered using a gold tolerant solder
  • Wire Bonding capabilities include:
    • Ultra-Fine Pitch bonding
    • Gold Ball Bond 
    • Gold Wedge 
    • Aluminum Wedge Bonds