As ICs become faster, smaller and more complex the need for innovative packaging solutions has increased. 

Integra has the experience to meet your most demanding advanced packaging challenges including SiP, MCM, RF Modules and Stacked assemblies.

Our engineering team works with customers to help identify and solve existing and potential IC packaging issues, sparing customers from costly packaging delays and failure analysis, and to develop manufacturable package solutions for next-generation, high-volume production. We understand that effective communication with our customers is what ensures the success of our customers' designs, proof of concepts, and final products.

As one of the first companies to use Die Attach Film (DAF), which is critical for stacked die assemblies, Integra now produces many millions of DAF die per month.  We have experience with a variety of stacking assembly options including: stacked and wirebonded ICs, stacked, wirebonded and Flip Chip ICs, and POP (Package on Package) configurations.

We have years of experience in packaging exotic Flip Chip designs, including ultra high bump count dice in excess of 3000 bumps. And we have the ability to wirebond complicated ultra-fine-pitched BGA dies with multiple tiers. For next generation product development and one-of-a-kind devices, including devices with rerouted circuitry surgically done by Focused Ion Beam (FIB) or a Re-Distribution Layer of metal (RDL), customers can count on Integra.

We are also experts in RF Module designs and assembly. Putting RF Modules into SIP or MCM packaging requires special substrate design, materials, and soldering in order to achieve the high frequency and performance desired. We have the experience and relationships with a number of design experts and leading substrate suppliers around the world to better serve you.

Integra’s engineering team is ready to be your IC advanced package design and development partner.